Remodeling Contractor in Redding, California

There are a myriad of reasons for undertaking a home improvement project. Perhaps your kitchen or bathroom desperately needs an update or your aging mother needs wheelchair access to her home or your floor plan needs more space. Whatever the reason, a home improvement project is worth doing right. That’s why you need a Redding remodeling contractor like Optimize Construction on your team.

We Do Whole or Partial Remodels

Sometimes, you just need to add on a garage or change out the cupboards; other times, you need to gut the entire house, leaving only the studs, so that you can redo the entire interior. Regardless of which type of remodeling project you decide to do, we are prepared to help you achieve your goal.

We’re geniuses at bringing your home up-to-date. As your remodeling contractor, we will:

  • make sure that we understand your goals.
  • evaluate the scope of the project.
  • recommend a plan of action.
  • give you a reasonable quote for the work to be performed.
  • ensure that building codes are met.
  • keep you informed of the progress.
  • manage the whole project from start to finish.

Even if your construction project seems small, you never know when it will turn into something much larger due to unforeseen problems—for instance, the wall you wanted to take out happens to be a load bearing wall or the tile floor removal reveals a problem with rot in the subflooring. As a remodeling contractor, Optimize Construction will know how to resolve the problem in an effective and affordable fashion.

We Do All Types of Remodels—Large or Small

Your home is one of the most important investments you’ll make, and we are committed to helping you make the most of it. We understand the challenges that can arise with remodeling projects, but because we’re both versatile and skilled, we can help you navigate a project of any size.

Optimize Construction is a licensed and bonded remodeling contractor in Redding. When you bring us on board to help you complete your project, your home will not only look as good as new, but will be done right from the inside out.